For Screenwriting

MediaTag is a very simple and flexible for any screenwriter. It can help you in many ways.


When writing a story, you will surely do a ton of research. MediaTag can help you save and organize this research.

Let's say you browse and find a page you find interesting. It may be on wikipedia, on a site dedicate to the subject of your research, anything. With our browser addon,you can save it in a single click.

Once saved in MediaTag, you can assign it tags.It could be for instance: screenplay research wikipedia and you may also add the subject of the article.

Note that MediaTag also tries and find tags on the page and suggests them to you.

The article will also be archived, so even if the page disappears from the web, you will have access to it in MediaTag.

This allows you to never lose the source of your inspiration.

And since your research will probably be made of various media, MediaTag allows you to save just as easily photos and videos.

Writing ideas down

You can create any document in mediatag. Those are great both for taking short notes as an idea emerges, or for longer form when you want to develop them.

Shuffle your ideas

Having writer's block is both a painful and common state for a writer to be in. MediaTag can help you with its customizable card deck, which can help you shuffle your sources of inspiration and come up with original ideas.

You can read more about it on our blog.


If you want to share your work, you have a two ways do it: either privately with selected people, or publicly with anyone.

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