All your sources of inspiration
in the same place.

Photos, Videos & Webpages. Finally together.

Save anything

It might be a photo you like, a webpage you read or even a video you watch.

Those can be from the web or from files on your computer. Anything you like can be imported and organised in MediaTag.

Even save moments inside videos

Very often, images that inspire us are deep inside a video. Whether it is on Youtube, Vimeo or in a file you upload, you can tag any moment.

No more messing up with folders

So often files get buried and forgotten under several layers of folders. In MediaTag, you only add or remove tags, which allows a very flexible organisation.

Share publicly or privately

You may want to assemble material for your own research and keep it for yourself. Or you may later decide to share with with only a few colleagues. Or you may simply want to allow anyone to see it. In any case, you are in control.