What is MediaTag?
MediaTag is a tool for creatives who want to keep all their sources of inspiration easily accessible. Those can be photos, videos and webpages.They can be from the web, but you can also upload files. And it is very easy to share with people you are working with.
What can I save in MediaTag?
MediaTag allows you to save all those different items in the same place:
What are the different ways to save things?
You may have a method that you prefer, so MediaTag aims to be as flexible as possible. This is why there are 4 different ways to save items here:
Can I upload files?
Yes! You can upload any type of files, although photos and videos are the ones MediaTag can display best. But certainly any file can be tagged and organized here.
Can I share what I import?
Absolutely. You can do it 2 ways:
  • Share publicly: Set a tag to public, and any item that is linked to it will also be public. You can see many examples in our explore page.
  • Share privately: You can share tags privately with the people you choose. This can be very useful when working on the same project and sharing references.
Do you backup webpages?
Yes! Although this is a feature reserved for paying plans.You can learn more about saving webpages or paying plans.
How do you archive webpages?

We save the html, images and stylesheets. All those assets are backed into a single html file, which can be downloaded if needed. It still is tricky to save fonts, but the archive will look pretty close to the original.

You can compare some pages by following those tags:

ycombinator and indiehackers

Do you backup photos?
Yes! although just like for webpages, online photos are only backed up for paying plans. But photos you upload will always be available for download of course. Learn more about saving online photos or our plans.
Can I get an idea of how MediaTag works before signing up?
Absolutely. You can start by exploring what others have set public, by reading more about the different methods to import media into MediaTag or about how filmmakers, photographers or artists use it. You can also subscribe to the weekly newsletter.
Can I schedule a private demo?
Yes, that would be great. Simply email me at and we can discuss a time that would be convenient for you. It can be as fast as 5 minutes if you are in a hurry, but I'll be more than happy to take more time if you have questions.
I have a question that isn't answered here, can I get in touch?
Please do! I'd love to help. My email is:

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