Organize Webpages

Import any webpage

Our browser addon makes it easy to save any webpage. In a single click, the page is stored and archived in a safe place.

You can go back to it later and add tags to organise it, or add them right away if you prefer. We save the page images and html, so you always have a backup if it goes offline.

Webpages are tagged automatically

In order to save you time, we find tags that are already on the webpage and add them immediately. This way, you don't have to worry about how to organise it.

Webpages are archived

We archive webpages, so you are sure to never lose the content you like. We make sure to save images and styles, so the archive looks just as well as the original one.

An archive as you see it

If you save a webpage with our browser addon, we save it as you see it. This means that if you are behind a page that requires a login or a paywall, we will be able to save all this for you to see it later.

Many other ways to save

In case you can't use our extension, we also offer other ways to save webpages. You can do it with our dashboard, by sending an email or using our api.

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