Organize Videos

Import any Youtube or Vimeo

Videos are as easy to import as webpages. Simply click on the browser addon,and the video will be saved to your account.

You can chose to come back to it later, or you can add tags to organise it straight away.

Tag any moment inside a video

You are not limited to adding tag to the video. You can also tag any moment inside it, in order to watch it instantly.

Once a moment is tagged, simply click on its thumbnail to open the video at its exact starting time.

It works also with files

Videos don't have to come only from Youtube or Vimeo. You can also upload any file. So videos you shot or downloaded are just as easy to import.

Many other ways to import videos

In case you can't use our extension, we also offer other ways to save videos. You can do it with our dashboard, by sending an email or using our api.

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