Importing With Email

Importing media by email can come real handy in some situation. For instance when someone sends you photos by email and you'd like to organize them in Mediatag.

Normally you would have to download them first, and re-upload them in MediaTag, which would be really annoying.

Instead, you can simply formard it to your unique MediaTag email address:

login to see your unique email.

Attachments are uploaded

Any photos or videos (or any file) that is attached to the email will be added to your account just as if you had uploaded it.

Links are archived

Any links to webpages will be detected and archived to your account. Similarly, links to youtube or vimeo videos will be imported.

Set tags in the email subject

You can tell MediaTag which tags to assign to anything that will be imported. Simply write them in the subject line, separated by a comma (,).

For instance the subject line "travel, landscape, great shots" will assign the following tags:

travel landscape great shots

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