The problem of organizing files in folders (and how MediaTag can help)

Whenever we work on a film or any type of project, one of the first thing we tend to do is gather references.

Those could be photos, videos, articles, anything you could use to brainstorm.

A problem though is that it is really not easy to save those on a computer, aka the standard way.

Let's assume you find the photo of an actor you like, or a production design reference you'd like to discuss with your team. Saving a photo is fairly easy. Simply right click and save. But you still have to find a folder for it. And this will still lead to a bunch of questions:

- "Should I put that into a subfolder to avoid crowding the current one too much?"
- "How do I give the team access to it?"
- "What if it could belong to another project as well? Should I duplicate the photo? Or make a common folder for both?"

Those questions might only need a couple minutes to answer. But this is much longer than one or two seconds. This will make you forget that idea you had when you saw it. And ideas are so volatile, you really want to make sure you can record them easily.

The real difficulty is to keep all this organized and without having your creativity killed by the weight of this organization.

Saving photos in MediaTag will solve just that. All you need to do is right click -> Save into MediaTag.

From there, you can consider the photo backed up and safe. If you are busy, don't do anything more, you can come back to it later from your dashboard.

If you know which project is belongs to, simply add a tag matching that project:
or whatever name your project has.

If it belongs to more than one project, simply add one tag for each project:
. No need to duplicate anything, and you will always see those connections.

If it's related to casting,  add
. or maybe it's related to
. Or maybe
. Or maybe all of them.

Use MediaTag to free your mind

With MediaTag, you can save anything in a simple click, organize it easily now, or later. You are in charge at the same time as having your mind free.

In short, with MediaTag, you can now:
- Save anything that inspire you immediately, without losing your train of thoughts.
- Save many different media that you previously could not, such as videos and articles.

And as an added bonus, those become easy to share with anyone, like people you work with.

Try now, it's free and will allow you to be more creative than ever.