How to fight the creative block 'Indecision'

Very often we want to start something new. A new screenplay, a new film, a new work.

But just as often, we get stuck.

It can be at the beginning, when we just decide which direction to go. Or in can be in the details when we have already made some progress.

In any case, this is always frustrating, as it breaks our train of thoughts. It makes us dread the blank page even more.

So here are 3 ways to get unstuck:

1. Decide by elimination

We usually know very well things we don't like, more than things we like or want to commit to. So make a list, and instead of having to pick one item, remove a few.

This will make your list smaller and easier to narrow down the best for you.

Each time you remove an item, ask yourself "what if there was one more I absolutely had to get rid of". You then have to find the item you like the least. Until you have only two left, and you then have to force yourself to pick one.

2. Decide by refining

Do you still have this list made in the previous step? Is there still no choice that suits you?

In that case, it might be in the shades of gray. Maybe it is something in between those items.

Try and lines to your list, by filling gaps. use the current ones as an inspiration to add new ideas. Maybe the best idea will be a combination of two.

3. Decide by chance

Sometimes, your best friend can be luck. If you don't want to lose time deciding, use a dice to do that for you. Or pick a card.

In any case, make a call. Try and lose the fear of it being a wrong decision, chances are you will still be able to fix it. But what is sure is that you will have learned something, bringing you closer to a better decision.

Those few tips are some of the reasons I created, to help you have a better grasp on your ideas. To save them easily, to organize them easily, so you could be the best creative possible. Try for free.