A surprising place to find inspiration: The London Tube

Inspiration sometimes comes from surprising places. London tube is not one I would have suspected.

Especially not its adverts.

During a single journey, it is easy to see dozens if not hundreds of them. From the platform , through the long dimly lit corridors and to the elevators. The vast majority of them is rubbish. On top of that, they are using bright colors or catchy headlines to get your attention.

But over the years I kept noticing one that stood out. Not because it was brighter than the others. Or flashier. Or bigger. But simply because it was calm. It brought a much needed counter balance to the others

It is an ad for Jack Daniels.

It may seem too simple, with its black and white photography next to long text. But it is so well crafted that every time I see one, I can't help reading it all.

It's almost a 101 class on how to write compelling prose. It has all the quality you may need from great text. It's engaging from the first words. It is funny. It has rhythm, making you feel the author took your hand gently. And it tells a full story.

Just beautiful.

The imagery doesn't try to grab my attention needlessly. It doesn't upset me. It relaxes me. Which is exactly what I need when traveling in the tube.

For advert makers (and any story teller), this is a great work to look up to. It's not something I thought I'd ever say from an ad, but in this case, I hope to see more it it.

For inspiration seekers, this is a reminder that good ideas can be found in many places.

The author behind those words is Lora Olivia Faris. It's definitely worth taking the time to check her other works.